HomeAway Payments is our secure payment platform that allows you to take advantage of Visa, and Mastercard processing.

Funds will typically be disbursed one business day after check-in and should be available in your bank account 5–7 business days later. In some cases, disbursements may be delayed if the booking was made last minute or close to the check-in day. This is because the credit card payment from the traveller needs to fully settle in our payment system before the payment to you will be released. 

You can check in your account when a payment is due to be disbursed to you. To find the disbursement date for a payment, view the payments section of the reservation.  You can also view your Payout summary report to see an overview of the funds you have received after commission and fees withheld from rental amounts have been deducted.

Please note for a first time user, your very first traveller payment through our system is disbursed to your bank account one day after your traveller’s scheduled check-in date or 30 days from the date of your traveller's payment, whichever date is later. Please note any other traveller’s payment(s) made in the interim will be disbursed 30 days from the date of the first traveller payment or one business day after the interim traveller checks in, whichever is later.