Paying online with credit card on HomeAway is the most secure way to book a holiday rental on our sites.

To book with HomeAway, find a property with 24 Hour Confirmation or Instant Book. With either booking type, you will be entering your payment information through the HomeAway checkout. From the moment your payment information is entered, HomeAway protects your credit card and personal information using encryption and advanced patented tokenization services to protect your credit card transaction. When booking or paying through HomeAway's payment system, you are eligible for our Book with Confidence Guarantee.

Payments made outside of our checkout form, or off of our site, will not be eligible for our Book with Confidence Guarantee. 

When you are ready to make payment, carefully review any rental agreement provided. Each rental has their own cancellation policies and house rules. 

Avoid the following practices

  • Sending cash is not recommended.
  • Sending a cheque made out to cash.
  • Using an instant money transfer such as Western Union or Money Gram.
These payment methods are preferred by criminals and using them voids any guarantees from us.