How do I ensure that a booking or reservation that is cancelled does not have access to my property?
When you cancel the reservation in the Reservation Manager in your Dashboard, access to the Mobile Hospitality Manager will be revoked.

When will a guest be able to see my rental Access Information?
You will provide them access through the Mobile Hospitality dashboard:
  • Click the My Guests tab
  • In the Pre-Arrival section, you will see a red warning triangle and Guest Cannot See Access My Rental, Find My Rental or Driving Directions with icon to Allow. User-added image
  • Click Allow and it will enable your guests to see this information.
    • Details about the location of your property and rental access instructions will not be accessible by your guest until you enable their access through the app.
    • Even if you choose to unlock your property content far in advance of the stay, the information will not display until 14 days before check-in.
    • The information will be locked again the day after checkout.
When will a guest get access to my rental Wi-Fi Information?
This information is available once they have booked the property and accessed the Hospitality content.