Only one member of the rental party may leave a review if they are over 18 years old. The reviewer must be able to provide evidence of one of the following criteria:
  • They stayed at the property.
  • They paid in accordance with the agreement but had to stay someplace other than booked property.
HomeAway provides a two-way review system for both travelers and property owners to review their experience. After the stay is completed, both travelers and property owners receive an email with a link that asks to review their experience. Owners can also review guests in their Marketplace Feed and Reviews page, and guests can submit reviews through their traveler profile. Neither party will be able to see each other’s ratings until they both have submitted their review. This means that honest opinions can be shared in confidence. A traveler may submit a review up to a year from the date of the stay, however, if the owner provides their review at any point prior, travelers have 14 days to write their review. Once both parties have submitted their review or the 14 days are up, neither party will be able to edit what they have written. If the reviews meet all other Content Guidelines, we will publish them. Your review must be submitted within one year of your stay at the vacation rental, assuming that the property owner has not already submitted their review and initiated the 14-day blind period. The review must be written within one year of the date of stay.

The owner can respond to traveler reviews, but may not review the property themselves.